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The heart of our smoking solutions is our effective filtering- and ventilation-system, the center piece in all our indoor/outdoor smoke cabins. The materials used in the SR AirCleaner series are selected and tested thoroughly to give the best performance, and with our unique design this solution truly excite all customers or employees.

Conventional rooms for smoking are usually poorly ventilated, rarely cleaned and often an unpleasant place to be. Our room/lounge units provide an easy, effective and highly customisable fix to this problem. With our SR AirCleaner series you will experience a high-performance quality product that will secure your environment, protection against passive smoking, dangerous gases and odour from cigarettes outside the regulated area. The SR AirCleaner series follows the same strict design and manufacturing rules as our indoor smoking cabins including improved safety and fireproofing.

The freestanding units offer almost limitless combinations and can be delivered with or without ashtrays depending on room setup.

Why use Smoking Cabin

A smoke cabin benefits more than just cleaning the air. A safe, healthy and cost-effective solution that will make sure that non-smokers are not exposed for second hand smoke nor that the smokers are neglected. Furthermore, our solutions guarantee effective eliminations of gases, odour and other insalubrious particles. The reasons are plentiful and to hear more about them please feel free to contact us today.

The Design Behind Smoke Cabin


Smokers can enter the smoke cabin by an automatic door, which also gives accessibility to those who are wheelchair bound.


The smoke cabin is equipped with LED spot light which automatic will turn on/off when people enter and leave the cabin.


The cigarettes are collected and contained in the certified fireproof and odourless aluminium ashtray.


Our cabins feature the most powerful, highly efficient, cost reducing fan up till now. The result is outstanding.

Raucherkabinen Indoor am Flughafen
Raucherkabinen Indoor SP160 im Restaurants
Raucherkabinen Indoor in Hotels


Raucherkabinen Indoor SP110 by Smoke Solution


Dimensions (W x D x H) – Weight incl. filters 820 x 920 x 2200 mm – ≅ 200 kg
Main housing material Frame housing: Steel SPCC 1.5mm

Front: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Main housing colours Frame housing: Powder coated steel RAL 9005 (Black) or RAL 9006 (Grey) Other colours are optional

Front: Grey-Mahogany, Black-Mahogany,Grey-Maple, Black-Maple, Grey-Walnut and Black-Walnut

Leak tested Yes
Simultaneous smokers / Area 4 persons / up to 20 m²
Certification CE – According to DIN EN 13823, DIN EN 1364-1 – Tested and approved by BGIA

ISO certification in 2018: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Adjustability Variable air flow speeds for stand-by and running modes.
Power saving Sensor activation by entrance into the cabin reduces power consumption.
Modular construction Easy to reduce or expand cabin size. Freestanding and movable.
Customisation LCD screen, foot rest, stickers, colours, filters etc.



Smoke Solution HEPA Filter

Our filtration technology is proven and certified to stop pollutants. Smoke Solution’s Pro HEPA Filter is tested and certified by an independent third-party lab to effectively filter gases and particles. The filters thoroughly designed and developed to ensure the best filtration.

We individually test each and every Pro HEPA Filter to ensure the best performance and that it meets our strict specifications.


Total filter efficiency : Ozonators 0%, Ionizers 2%, Ordinary HEPA 36%, Smoke Solution Pro HEPA Filter 99,5%

We strive to be the best at what we do. This is why our products are continuously tested, approved and certified by independent, international test laboratories. Smoke Solution’s cabins and units have been approved and certified by established, independent, international institutions regarding fire safety and level of filtration of gases and particles. Continuous testing furthermore guarantees that our products live up to their high standard every time.

Fireproof ashtray tested and certified by DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.
Tested and certified by IFA. ISO certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
CE according to DIN EN 13823, DIN EN 1364-1


how smoking cabin by smoke solution works


In order to create a smoke free environment, it is necessary to capture the smoke before it leaves the cabin and due to our judicious system, the smoke goes in the desired direction and through our very efficient filtration.



Our filtration system ensures that even the smallest particles are eliminated. The smoke cabin’s design makes it possible for the gases and particles from tobacco smoke goes through the filter and comes out as clean, healthy breathable air. The pollutants remain trapped in the filters. Regular maintenance guarantees that the system is running smoothly and effectively.



The certified, fireproof and odourless ashtray in aluminium contains the disposal of ash and cigarette ends.

Raucherkabine am Flughafen by Smoke Solution

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